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Have A Look At The Best Custom Band Merchandise Ideas

An Elvis fan club produced the first concert t-shirt. But, band merch has evolved since then. Nowadays you can get a band logo printed on anything that you want. Bands, today are inventive with their merch tables. You are not limited to posters and hoodies. Here are a few ideas of the best band merchandise.

Patches/stickers. Patches are good merchandise especially for the junior fans so that they can cover their backpack and jacket using band merchandise. Patches can be found in different varieties. Conventionally people used to iron patches but nowadays, you can get patches with sticky backs for you to peel and stick easily. Stickers are also an easy piece of merchandise that fans can place on notebooks and laptops.

You can go for buttons. These items are not expensive making it affordable for the fans. These items are less costly to make in large quantities therefore, you can consider coming out with several button design ideas. These button design ideas are excellent match ideas since when your fans place them on their backpacks, every person who walks right behind them and recognize your brand logo.

Try using phone cases. Most of the people turning up to your concert have a smartphone. For this reason, you need to offer them the moment to flex their most preferred band each time they are on their phones. Better yet, most fans will go out of their way to place an order online for a personalized case for a band. Why not simplify the process for your fans?

You can opt for posters. Posters are necessary for button design ideas any concert. They are oriented towards younger teens. Posters offer bands a lot of flexibility when it comes to design. You can get the usual posters that have the band local and their image.

Compact discs are excellent band merchandise. Compact discs are not as popular as button design ideas they used to be in the past. The physical discography industry has been greatly affected since individuals can now stream just about anything they want. Nevertheless, some fans still prefer using compact discs. Make sure you burn a small batch for your devoted fans. What’s more, compact discs are exceptional items that you can sign and mark up a little.

Consider using trading cards. These are unique pieces of merch that you can design for your fans. Accumulating trading cards has a thrilling effect mainly if the band was involved in the design. If you are looking for button design ideas a similar idea but you are unable to afford to be extra with trading cards, you can sell standard card decks in a custom-made box. Fans will love it when merchandise is special to their most loved band.